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Qui sommes-nous ?


Veronique and Olivier were not predestined to work as vintners. Yet, many signs could have put them earlier on the way.

She, a farmer's daughter in Lorraine, and he, a native of Reunion whose parents had left their native island to produce their own wine in the region of Bergerac, had met on the benches of the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Nice located between sea and pinewood.

Diploma in pocket, they first place their luggage in Paris where they begin their professional life by integrating each one of the 5 largest consulting firms in the world. At that moment, all their success and their panoply of superiors is complete: apartment two steps from Matignon, gleaming cabriolet, and salary accordingly. Yet very quickly, they realize that their life was waiting for them elsewhere.

Against all expectations and to the surprise of their entourage, they decide to leave their comfortable Parisian life to fulfill the challenge of their life: to produce their own wine.

In 2002, they rebuilt the Château Moulin de Beauséjour located in the town of Saint-Jean de Blaignac a few kilometers from the famous village of Saint-Emilion. A new life begins then ...

Before them, the commercialization of the wines of the domain was supported by merchants of the place of Bordeaux. Veronique and Olivier decide to take advantage of their commercial training and develop bottling at the Château. While learning their job as a vintner on the job, they set up a distribution network based mainly on export.

In 2007, they had the opportunity to acquire Château Beauséjour Les Maurins in the Saint-Emilion appellation. From 12 hectares in 2002, their exploitation has now grown to 31 hectares. In addition, their home grew with the happy births of Manon, Emilie and Quentin.

In 2013, hail destroys 95% of their production. A blow of a club. They then roll up the sleeves and create a site selling wine on the internet: the first site of wines where one can taste before buying. Today, they work on both activities that takes up most of their time.

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